Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snow's Bunny

Pat Snow is my friend.  He lives in Birmingham, and he is from Anniston, AL.  He makes art.  All the time.  I mean, Pat is profilic.  And his latest piece inspired (sparked) me to feature him here.

It's called "She Lived down the street."  

Isn't it scrumptious?!

When I asked Pat if I could write about him, I asked if he was aware of the Easter themes running throughout this piece.  He laughed (he laughs a lot), and said, "No.  I forgot about Easter."  

As far as the feng shui of She Lived Down the Street, I usually tend towards more "light-filled" works, and Pat is not afraid to let a little shadow through.  Here the bunny and houses are literally silhouetted, but oh-how-nicely it is done.   

If you were to place this in your home, I'd say the Creativity/Children section of the bagua would be the best bet.  Rabbits actually symbolize creativity (think: fertile).  The sunset is appropriate for this section as well.   And the story is about a "magical" and very -- mmm-- creative little girl.  Hence, Children.  

And you gotta love the resurrection symbology.  

Forgot about Easter, Pat?  Obviously your subconscious didn't.  The subconscious rarely, if ever, forgets about anything, ever.    

Check out Snow at his website  LOVE his portrait installation too, on the Home page.  

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