Friday, July 15, 2011

Katie Interviews Katie

I get asked so many questions about feng shui that I decided to, well, interview myself, on the topic for a hopefully interesting FAQ of sorts.

Here it goes:

Interviewer Katie (IK): Katie, someone once told me that feng shui was like “psychic decorating”?  Would you agree with that?

Katie Feng Shui (KFS): (laughs)  That actually isn’t too far from the truth.  Basically, your space -- like, your home or office -- represents you, so when I go and assess a space, I can sort of read it. 

IK: So, if you came to my house, you could tell me if I was going to win the lottery?  Or move to some exotic location, like, Zimbabwa?

KFS: Well, there would be clues as to whether you are good with finances, whether your money situation is stable or unstable, whether you are attracted to exotic locations, and perhaps need or want a big move. 

IK: So you’re not able to tell me my future or anything like that?

KFS: Okay, it goes like this.  When a client calls, I tell them I need the floorplan of their home and pictures (if it’s a distance consultation) and their Three Objectives.  The objectives are things that they want to improve in their life, such as their finances, their health, the relationships at work or in their family, their career, or even their reputation. 

IK: Love life?

KFS: A very popular one.

IK: Not surprised.  Okay, so then what?  How does one get a love life after calling you?

KFS: When I go to their home (or talk to them on the phone if it’s a distance consultation), we hone in on the areas that they want to improve.  See, by that time, I have looked at their floorplan and done an assessment using the Bagua map.  

IK: A map?  

KFS:  Yep.  The ancient feng shui dudes created it.  Thousands of years ago, they were more in tune with things like energy of a space, and they realized that the way the energy moved in a space represented different areas of one’s life.

IK:  So there is a map that can tell me which parts of my home reflect which parts of my life.  Does this really work?  I mean, it seems so weird.   It's kind of saying, your home is a map to your life.  That's just kind of -- 

KFS:  Look, I pride myself on keeping integrity in all that I do.  So, yes, I've put it to practice a zillion times, because honestly, I didn't believe it myself when I first started out and I had to see for myself.  Believe me, there were amazing, crazy, can't-deny-it results in some capacity or another every time!

IK:  Because of a map invented by some Chinese people thousands of years ago?  

KFS: And other things, like the elements and chi and yin and yang.  The map is based on the I Ching.

IK: The E what?

KFS:  Never mind.  Next interview.  Maybe.

IK: So Love.

KFS: Yes. Love.  So I find where their Romance/Love/Marriage section is in their home.  When I see the pictures, I can tell what sort of vibe they are putting out to the Universe.  For example, if my client is a single woman, and she has a huge painting of a woman looking very solemn and alone, I know that she needs a little help romantically.  I suggest she take it down immediately, which she usually gladly does, and then I tell her she needs some artwork that suggests love and romance.  A happy couple.  Two doves.  That sort of thing.

IK: Okay, so she had a pic of a single woman, when she needs pics of couples.  What if the client is in a relationship and having trouble?

KFS: Same thing.  Things in pairs in this section.  I make sure there is nothing so-called blocking the potential for a happy relationship, such as a closet full of dirty shoes, or that sort of thing.

IK: So no dirty laundry in the Romance section.

KFS: And no tools.  It makes Relationships seem like work.

IK: But what if the laundry room is there?  Or the tool shed?

KFS: Then I give “cures” for those things, but it’s a little more complex in those instances, so it’d have to be specific to the home and client.  But there is always a cure.

IK: You mean, like putting up a dragon statue or something?

KFS: Only if the client is into dragon statues.  It doesn’t have to be Chinese décor to work.  I rarely suggest Chinese décor, because we are in the West, and most people have Western décor.  If the client doesn’t like what I am suggesting, then it’s not a good cure, so we find something else.  And it would have to be two dragon statues in the Love section.  Remember, pairs?  And only if that person wanted a fiery, passionate, mystical sort of relationship. 

IK: So doves may be better.

KFS: Depends on who you are.  But generally, yes.

IK: Cool!  Okay, thanks, Katie! 

KFS: My pleasure.  I hope you got some insight.

IK: Well, since I'm you, I really knew all of this stuff anyway.

KFS:  Yeah, okay.  

IK: You know, we were doing this for fun, to educate people.

KFS:  Yeah, I know that.  It was my idea.  And I think we should stop now. 

IK:  Okay.

KFS:  Ok.  

IK:  Bye.

KFS:  Stop.

IK:  Bye!  For real.  Bye.  


Fredonia Falldown said...

I love it. Any chance we will see you soon?

Katie Feng Shui said...

I have GOT to get over there! Will let you know.

DearDrZen said...

Love this. Thank you. My laundry basket is in my love corner...

Katie Feng Shui said...

Dear Dr. Zen... as long as it's not gross and overflowing, you are okay if it really is the only good place for your laundry. And if you have all else all Love corner-ed up (pairs, earth colors, etc.) you should be in the clear!

Monick Halm said...

So cute!