Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New! DIY Feng Shui Kits

It began as an idea, as all good things do.  It really stumped me that there was no one-stop shop for the feng shui cures that I was giving my clients.  So I thought:  I should make a kit.  So I did!

It's had many evolutions and here it is (on the shelves in a recent test run in a local store) -- in today's version:

A kit full of fun goodies that will have you giddy and ready to implement feng shui easily and effortlessly in your life!

Here's what the label on the back of the box says:

Feng shui specialist Katie Rogers brings the ancient Chinese art and science of feng shui straight to your home with this fun, eco-friendly, Do-It-Yourself Feng Shui Kit [DIY FSK]. 

Feng shui has the power to improve your life in all areas, including health, love, money, creativity, and career.  The simple yet effective “cures” included in this kit are:

·       The DIY FSK User Guide by Katie Rogers
·       White Sage Smudge Stick to cleanse negativity
·       Round-faceted Crystal for balance & harmony
·       Wish-Come-True Box by Bluedogz Design
·       Good Energy Spray to revitalize your home & office
·       Good Intention Candle
·       Red Ribbon Cures for prosperity
·       Bonus Feng Shui Tips*

And here are some photos of what's inside.  Ensured to bring smiles and good fortune!
white sage smudge stick

crystal in red velvet pouch

candle inside cute little box

smells great!
And my favorite!  A Mini Ribbon Box designed by Nadine Lerner of Bluedogz Design that I've dubbed as the Wish-Come-True Box.  (P.S. There's a surprise inside!)

And yes, it has appeared in InStyle Magazine.

wishes come true with this box!
And of course, there are instructions on how to put these and the other cures to use!

I'm really excited for these kits.  I've set the intention that they find great homes and bring great energy to whomever receives them.

I'm selling them for $34.99 which is a DEAL!  If you order more than 4, you will get 10% off total price.

Order from me directly.  Email katierogersfengshui@gmail.com with your name, quantity, shipping addresses, etc.  I am going the old-fashioned way so you'll have to send me a check when I get the total to you.  Supply is limited, so hurry!

Happy Holidays!  I hope I can make yours brighter!

festive red door (from pinchomez.com)


Marisa Petroro said...

What a great kit to start the new year off with!

Meredith C said...

Good for you!

Lewis N. Clark said...

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