Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Love with this Room

I don't know if it's because I'm heading down to Mardi Gras tomorrow (yay for the original in Mobile, Alabama!) or what, but this room makes me absolutely giddy.

I dragged it off of Pinterest (thanks, Dana Wolter for pinning...)  Alas, the original source did not turn up so I have no idea who the designer is.  If you know, please comment!

From a feng shui perspective, this room has so much GOOD going on.

It's a great balance of yin (soft, dark, curvy) and yang (hard, light, open).

While I adore the intense color scheme, the gray rug and black accents in the chair back, frames, and light fixtures sober the space up just enough so that we aren't floating off into Never Never Land.  It keeps us from getting too buzzed from all the color and patterns.  

The two cozy seating arrangements invite folks to come on it and stay for a while but not for a lifetime, please.  It makes great use of a space that could otherwise be too big, spread out, and overwhelming.  

The healthy greenery brings nature in, as does the choice of art.   Check out the adorable glass love birds on the coffee table -- good for keeping romantic love alive in this home.   The pink and green help with that too!

I'm usually not a fan of glass table tops, feng-shui-wise, but this one works because it's circular and "padded" by the sofas and chairs.  Usually, a glass and metal combination holler "dangerous" in decor, but this one says "dainty with a bit of daring."  Thumbs up.

But most of all, this room has just enough giggle and just enough class to make it FUN without being obnoxious... making it a personal favorite.  I mean, who could be depressed in this room, right?  Whether curling up with a great book or having cocktails with favorite friends, this is an example of a room I would want in my home!

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Meredith said...

At first glance this room was crazy to me but after reading your explanations, I can totally see it! You're amazing!