Friday, April 22, 2011

Money & the Front Door

A friend of mine needs money.  Her financial flow seems to be at a trickle.  This is not unheard of in the current economy.  I'm sure some of you can relate.

Yet, she has done most of the proper feng shui cures as far as money goes.   She has placed red ribbons on the pipes behind her toilet and under her sinks.  The Abundance sector of her home (back left corner according to front door) is not showing any major feng shui no-nos.  There is a sink there, but she has a stopper in it to keep money from leaking out, and she also has a round-faceted crystal above the sink to diffuse the energy.  She has a thriving plant in this sector, because the element that relates to the Abundance sector is Wood.  The rest of her home has good balance for the most part.  She could probably let go of items from former boyfriends and others, but the home is generally clutter-free and tidy.

So what gives?

Upon further conversation, it came out that she only uses the back door of her home to go in and out onto her daily business.  When I asked her if she could begin to use the front door instead, she came up with a flimsy excuse of some sort.  I explained that the front entrance represents the "Mouth of Chi" in feng shui.  It is symbolic of receiving our good -- and that good includes money!  Keeping the door constantly closed is an obvious block to letting good chi in!  I told her that if she absolutely couldn't come in and out of the that front door, that she do a mini-ritual where she open the front door every morning and say out loud or to herself, "I welcome in my good today and every day."

On a recent conversation, we were brainstorming avenues of abundance for her, and I exclaimed, "Are you going through your front door yet?"  She broke into laughter and admitted "No" that she wasn't even doing the simple ritual I suggested.

The amount of steps from her car to her front door is about fifteen steps further that the distance from her car to the back door.  Oh, and the back door happens to be placed in her Abundance sector, so that energy is going in and out the back door, but never getting that good, big whoosh of energy from the front door!

I said, "Just use the front door for nine measly days, and see what happens!"  She said, "Okay!  Okay!"

I checked in with her a couple of days later, and, being the good friend that I am (albeit a little pushy), I said, "Have you been using your front door?"  She admitted that No, she hadn't!

Turns out the back door was such a habit, that she had to actually catch herself in the process of going out the back door, turn around, and then go out the front door.

The next day and the next, she did a little better, using it on occasion (although I'd love to see her use it ALL the time).

Whether she can keep it consistent, we will see.

Moral of the story:  Habits die hard.  Someone once told me that it takes 21 days to make a habit, therefore it takes 21 days to break a habit.  The new habit can replace an old, worn out one.  That's not very long in the scheme of things, and the results can be astounding.

With feng shui, a little goes a long way.  Playing with easy cures can only be beneficial, and how interesting it is to discover those resistant parts of ourselves as a result.  And sometimes the cures we put in place are simply microcosmic efforts that lets the Universe know that we are serious -- that we want positive change and that we are willing to take the fifteen extra steps to receive it.


Anonymous said...

Please update us on her situation! I want to hear if/when her situation changes, once she's using the front door! I can't wait!
You are such a great friend to be so persistent!

Laurie said...

I echo the comment above. I want to hear what unfolds for her once she starts using the front door. Thanks for a great post. This makes me want to do a "habit audit" and see where I've fallen into patterns that don't serve me.

Katie Feng Shui said...

Hey y'all -- check out the new post! See what has happened thus far. One thing I failed to mention -- on about Day 3 of the experiment she realized that using the front door made her feel "exposed" and somewhat unsafe. She, being an actress, needs exposure to help her career, so it was interesting to discover what deep beliefs were laying underneath her resistance to simply walk in and out of her own front door.
Be well! K

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