Sunday, May 1, 2011

Front Door Follow-up

I spoke to my friend again – you know, the one that wouldn’t go through her front door even though it might open the way for good things galore. 

Guess what.  She’s using the front door now.  She doesn’t use it primarily, as she corrected me on the fifteen steps difference, and she claims that it feels a lot further when she is weighted down by groceries.  However, she is using it!  There was only one day since I blogged about it that she didn’t actually walk through it, and on that day, she performed the simple ritual of opening it, consciously welcoming her good in.

And welcome good in, she did!  On about Day 8 of the habit-shift, she landed a job doing some “print work.”  (aka, modeling for an ad that will be in print).  Yay! A paycheck.  Not only that, but in that short amount of time, her auditions have been on the up.  Interestingly enough, she got a callback for a national commercial (read: ch-ching), but the callback was on the day of her gig.   Still, she is feeling confident about the number of auditions she is going out for, and her energy – and bank account – is on the rise.

When discussing the change in fortune with her, she did mention another feng shui cure that she had performed at about the same time she started using the front door.  She and I both have a love of angels, and she came up with the precious idea to put angel images on her desktop screen, so that they flash continuously as she works and plays on her computer.  Not only that, but she was brought up Catholic and is schooled in the workings of saints, so she decided to feature St. Cajetan, the Saint of Job-seekers, on her computer as well.
Archangel Uriel by Alma Yamazaki
 In fact, I found upon further research that there is a saint (or an angel) for just about everything.   If you are interested in being seriously entertained by the thorough list of spiritual helpers out there, I suggest going to  You’ll find help for everything from circus workers to vertigo to brewers to breast feeding to Korean clergy to lost keys.  If you’ve got a problem, there is saint for it. 

I decided that her idea was so good, that my desktop now also adorns some of my favorite such images.  And I haven’t lost my keys since.  

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Anonymous said...

Amen!! So glad to hear (both about your friend and about your keys!)