Friday, May 6, 2011

Red, Meaning of

I had unusual dreams of a house with a cat that resembled a teeny tiger and a garden on the back patio and a kangaroo in the bed.  Besides all of that, the home was decorated to the detail, and there was a LOT of red.  I commented that the woman who lived there must have known about feng shui.  (Take note, dear reader:  In real life, just because a person decorates with red does not mean that they have an understanding of feng shui.)

Therefore, in honor of weird dreams, I have decided to wax poetically on RED in today’s blog.


Red, in traditional feng shui, is considered lucky, lucky, and more lucky.  It is associated with money, opportunity, energy, and of course, fire and passion.  Red ribbons around toilet pipes will protect money from leaking out of your bank account.  Red frog statues at the front door will capture money for you and bring it into your bank account.  Red candles in the Fame/Reputation/Self-Expression [center back section of your home according to the front door] will ignite recognition for your talents and achievements. 

Why red?  It vibrates at the slowest rate and therefore catches the eye quickly.  It is considered “hot,” and therefore associated with vitality.  Think: Life force.  After all, our blood is red.  It is a power color (i.e. superheroes), and it can also represent danger, aggression, or anger (stop signs, warning flags, and seeing red).   Red can also waken the libido; it’s not an accident that it is associated with sex and sexiness.  While you wouldn’t want this color floating around too much in your aura, to place it strategically in your home, can really get things moving.

Red sends a message.  Imagine the difference that occurs when a woman wears a bright red dress compared to a soft light blue.   Which one would you consider bold and bright compared to submissive and sweet? 

If you are feeling a little blue, or you need some motivation or extra energy, playing with red is surely a cure.  I suggest painting your toenails red, wearing a red scarf, or buying some red flowers and placing them in your home or workspace.   You could even use a red pen for a day for your personal notes.  If you’d like to activate your love life, try a red pillow here or a red rug there.  Even a red picture frame will make a statement of some sort.   Red lingerie, or course, will say it all. 

And then, there is the famous “red door” cure.  I rarely suggest this –painting the front door red -- to clients, as it is a bold move, and it is not for the weak of heart.  It is mainly for those, 1. whose house would look ascetically pleasing with a red door, and  2. who are ready to live an amazing life and move forward in the direction of their dreams which can mean big change fast for some folks – which can be a daunting.  For the clients who have chosen this cure, I have seen almost instant improvement in their lives that can only be  referred to as miracles.  One woman who complained about a lack of romance and a lack of respect in the office saw a turn around in her collegues’ responses in a week and also met a great man. 

What does this say about red?  Red announces to the world that you are ready and willing to step out and let people know who you are – that you, like them, are a life force and a lovely one at that.  It says that you will not rest easy and that you intend to get your point across.  Red proclaims that you have something to do and something to say.  A little red can go a long way, so use it with care, as you wouldn’t want to come across as a fire-engine wailing in certain circumstances. 

With taste, red can shake things up in just the right way.   And while you may not want to douse your home or yourself in it, it could just be the cure you are looking for.  


Laurie said...

Hmmm...I might need to paint my bike red! :-)

Katie Feng Shui said...

I would vote yes to that one!