Thursday, June 23, 2011

Romance and Feng Shui

You gotta love love.  Right? 

In feng shui, there are areas of your home that “match up” to areas of your life.  This is the Ba Gua map.  

You lay it over your floorplan, lining the bottom of it with the wall that aligns to the front door (i.e. in most homes, you will either walk into the Knowledge, Career, or Helpful People guas).  Considering your home isn’t missing any sections, you can find out where your Romance section is, Money section, Career section, etc.

Therefore, if you are standing at the front door, your Romance (Relationship) section is the back right section of your home.

According to feng shui, what is happening in your home in each section is affecting that part of your life.  For example, say your bedroom is there, and it is sweet and romantic.  Then most likely, you are in or will attract a healthy balanced relationship.  However, if there is a closet full of items that you've kept from all your exes, you may want to consider cleaning it out!   

It’s a good idea to put “cures” in place to help with that area of your life.  In the Romance section, color-wise, red, pink, and white work well.  Earth is the ruling element here, so muted tones work too.  (i.e. beige, terracotta, even brick red.  Yellow is also okay because it represents Earth.)   

It’s a big no-no to have anything glaringly single there.  Best to have things in pairs!  Or photos of you and your honey.  Or paintings that depict a romantic scene.

A client of mine wanted to spiff up her Romance section in order to attract love into her life, so she went hunting for something to hang above the door of her kitchen, where her Romance section happens to be.  Here’s what she found:   

Very nice in that it’s a pair, it’s pink and earthy tones, it’s of the Earth element (clay), and they are squares, which also symbolize Earth.  

She did land a hot date (that turned into a hot weekend) very shortly after hanging these!  The key, too, is intention!  Now that these are in place, her subconscious must oblige and send out signals to all the single honeys out there.

However, she wants to get hitched.  Time will tell of course, but a good feng shui consultant cannot ignore what was going on in another pic she sent....

Let's take a closer look:

Yes, she's got a pair, but that lone apron sure does sing out SINGLE!  I like to play it safe with these sort of things.  How about a His and Hers apron?  Or put that thing in a drawer!  I mean, why risk it?

When I alerted her of this, she responded good-humoredly in an email:  "Hahaha!  That f***ing apron is now hidden away in a drawer. :-) I had to laugh. As soon as you pointed it out, it was obvious. And ironically, now that it's gone, I actually think that pantry door looks cleaner and less cluttered." 

Makes you wonder -- what is perhaps going on in your home that is affecting your life?  Feng shui is AMAZING in that it can help you unblock and move forward....  and it could be a simple as putting an apron in a drawer.

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Anonymous said...

So crazy that you posted the Ba Gua map today. I was trying to fall asleep last night thinking about it and how I needed to look it up. Thanks so much for posting! Our stuff arrived today so it's time to get to work!