Monday, June 20, 2011

Skin Regime Experiment on Ritalin? (or needs to be)

Following up on my March blog --  Skin Care Regime Experiment #1 -- (which is now a combined 2,3, 4, and 5 all in one):

The olive oil was not so great.  I mean, it was fine…but fine is not okay with me.  I used it for at least three weeks, so that’s better than nothing.  It wasn’t doing anything bad, but I want something that does good. 

So I switched to coconut oil....(because I read something like this.)  

Straight up.  And because I LOVE coconut water like a fiend (and lotion and candles and smell and cookies and milk).   I even put a glob (because it's globby, not liquidy) of it in a little tin to leave in my bathroom rather than my kitchen cabinet (Major Tangent: coconut oil is to die for as a substitute in brownie mixes and instead of butter for pancakes and French toast.  And to saut√© many different veggies.  FYI.  And it’s good for you too).  The coconut-oil-face-treatment-created-by-moi lasted about 4 days.  In truth – and this is in no way scientific -- it was doing less than the olive oil.

Dear Reader, I need to give an overview.  I ain’t 21 years old, Folks.  But I ain’t 50.  And I’m not so into botox, although I must say, I know some folks that use it, and it definitely takes ten years off.  I, personally, would rather not go there, because I have strange luck with those sort of things, and I have a fear of my face --- never – moving – again – ever. 

After the coconut oil attempt, I had some samples of some really nice stuff by Ole Henriksen, and I thought, what the heck.  

This stuff was nice!  I almost went and bought it, but I never got around to it.  Which only tells me and you that it really was just “nice,” and well, if I’m going to spend a few bucks, I’d rather it be effing amazing. 

I sort of gave up after that, y’all.  I went back to my ol’ Alba from Whole Foods.  I just sort of settled.  I'm really wanting natural, eco-goodness is all.  

The Alba cream actually worked really well when I lived in LA --  but Alabama skin and LA skin differ in the humidity department, and sorry, Whole Foods, but I’m going to be taking it back…

…and exchanging it for this:

…because I was in LA this past weekend and having a delicious brunch (with flakey service but who’s counting?) at the fairly-new Sauce on a side street on the cusp of Venice and Santa Monica (my old hood – love you) with two of my dearest girlies when one of them asked the other what skin care product she used, because hell, this one friend of mine has flawless skin. 

I spoke up, with cilantro/avocado/eggs in my mouth:  “It’s her genes.” 

But the other friend insisted on knowing what she used, because even if it’s genes, everyone uses something unless they are 17 years old. 

Surprisingly, the answer was the above-product mentioned.  My friend had heard about it from another woman I know, who also has flawless skin.  The catch is, it’s a hand cream that they use on their face.  And you buy it at Whole Foods.  Sixteen little dollars.  Eat that, Carita! 

I’m buying it tomorrow.  I’m giving it a few weeks.  I'm hoping it's one of those things where you give up looking, and walahhh, the perfect thing appears.  Can it breeze through the humidity test?  Can it give me genes that I only wish I had been born with?   Can it blow the tox off of botox, leaving only beau?  

Stay tuned...

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