Saturday, March 24, 2012

Butterfly Medicine

While on Spring Break, we came across this lovely little place.  
Funny coincidence, because I have two different friends talking to me about butterflies. 

In my recent lecture at Little Professor bookstore, I flashed images and asked people to call out words that came to mind.  One of the images was a butterfly.  I wanted to impress upon everybody the significance of symbolism in the home.  Remember, that nothing goes unnoticed by the subconscious.  There is personal symbolism and universal symbolism.  Later, a friend of mine in attendance expressed to me that she wanted to bring more butterflies into her home. 

Butterflies are easy -- they are the epitome of "transformation" and "beauty."  If a client wants to implement change in his or her life, I may suggest buying something that has the image of a butterfly and bringing into their homes.  It doesn't have to be anything too obvious.  As always, a little goes a long way in feng shui.
Another friend of mine went to a healer who told her that her totem animal was Butterfly.  What does this mean? Many cultures revere animals as "medicine."  According to some Native American and Aboriginal lore (to name a mere two), each individual is born with "totems" or protective spirits in the form of animals.  Have you ever known someone that was so cat-like (or bird-like or dog-like) that it was uncanny?  Well, their totems may be a little more obvious to detect! 

Also, if certain animals appeared to someone, lore had it that the animal was giving you a message.  Native Americans considered every living creature to carry "medicine."  You come across a bear in the woods?  Then perhaps you need more introspection and rest.  A hawk flies overhead?  Maybe you need to take a bird's eye view on a situation.
In short, if Butterfly flits along your path, you may be coming upon a big positive change.  Or maybe you are being asked to take a lighter approach to life and float amongst the flowers.  Maybe you need to introduce more color into your wardrobe.  If you are feeling stuck, maybe it's time to emerge from your cocoon.

Butterflies are everywhere in the Springtime.  If nothing else, succumb to their message, and get outside...and enjoy!

For more information on the symbolism of animals, I suggest books by Ted Andrews.  He's great! 

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