Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clutter Dilemma -- Toys!

A current client is having storage issues for all the toys, toys, toys that come with having a toddler and a baby.  

Right now this is what she has going on:

Yikers!  The problem with this is that...the toys never go away!!!  When you have see-through storage like this, it calculates to the brain as overwhelm.

Lucky for her (and all of us), there are TONS of options out there.

At the most basic, what comes to mind is this Ikea bookshelf...
.., filled with the canvas inserts, also found at Ikea, or Target, or Wal-mart, or just about anywhere.

The boys can pull out the boxes one at a time, and then, when playtime is over, the toys are actually cleaned up!   And this option is very nice on the wallet.  It might cost a person $150.00 total.  Maybe.

In this case, this client is moving the play area into the quite large family room, so she has the choice to make it look really adult when the kids aren't playing, or to simply designate a section as the "play room."

For ideas, check these out:

This was found at Costco along with an impressive selection of other storage options.

Playing on Pinterest, I found bakoodles of ideas by typing in "kids storage" in the Search window:


look at the rolling bins with chalkboard!  {Source}

One of my favorites!  from
for outside storage from
clean and easy 

so Dr Suess  {Source}
are there toys in there?  maybe, maybe not!  {Source}


Meredith C said...

I'm still thinking of going with the basic, with the canvas bins, plus a big toy chest. I just need to get hubby working on building it all. Then it will all match. p.s. Did I tell you, for his birthday, the boys and I got him a wood iron brander that says 'Made with love by daddy'? So all of these projects will have his stamp on them. Cute huh?!

Ericka Muldowney said...

Those storage solutions are all creative, stylish, and efficient! Has your client picked any of those? If I were her, I’d probably have a hard time because all those options are just so cute and functional! Anyway, storing and organizing items can be really exhausting, but with the right storage solutions, they can be made much easier.

Katie Feng Shui said...

Ericka! Yes, she chose the Costco one -- it fit her decor the best. I know -- there are so many great storage options now in the world -- hard to justify not being organized! Take care!