Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lazy-but-Healthy Girl's Easiest Supper Idea Ever

In an ideal world, I'd twinkle-toe out to my organic garden, harvest my thriving and luscious vegetables and herbs, and spend timeless musical moments in my well-lit, perfectly feng-shui'd kitchen preparing, then serving my dearest and nearest the most delightful meals that the Earth could provide.

But I'm way lazier than that.  And I just don't like to cook that much.  Sometimes, yes, but I have to REALLY be in the mood.

So, in the name of laziness-heavily-dosed with a desire to eat healthily, I discover/create dishes that suit my taste and lifestyle.  

The Easy Kale Supper is such a dish.  Here's what you need & do:


Vegan bouillon cubes
Redmond's Real Salt
Rice (or quinoa)
Olive oil
Can of stewed tomatoes

1.  Boil water for rice.  Add Real Salt and desired amount of the bouillon cube (I sometimes half it).
2. Make rice according to package.  (Or quinoa-- quinoa is healthier.  Brown rice is super-yummy with this though.)
**2.5. Do whatever you need to do for the majority of the duration of the cooking of the grains.
3.  When you have about 10 minutes to go, heat a little olive oil in a large pan.  Add minced or chopped garlic.  Don't burn it.
4.  Add the kale.  (The lazy version comes in a huge bag -- chopped and ready to go!  The little bit less lazy version, means you chop it yourself.)
5.  Add the can(s) of STEWED tomatoes.  (I used Del Monte -- I haven't found organic stewed tomatoes yet. In the non-lazy world, you stew your own tomatoes that just came out of your garden.)  
6. Put a lid on it, medium heat, stirring occasionally.

You are done.  Eat it, salivate, and feel great.

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